• Brand: AlcoFind
  • Model: Pro X-3
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: AAA x 2
  • Preparation time: 15 s
  • Measuring time: 5 s
  • Interval between measurements: 5 s
  • Calibration required: every 500 measurements or every 12 months
  • Limits of breathalyzer: 0.00 - 4.00‰
  • Weight: 84 g
  • Size: 51 x 109 x 18mm

AlcoFind Pro X-3 breathalyzer

In the BOX:

  • 1 * Breathalyzer AlcoFind Pro X-3
  • 2 * Tips
  • 2 * AAA batteries
  • 1 * Case
  • 1 * User manual

AlcoFind Pro X-3 breathalyzer

The breathalyzer Alcofind Pro X3 device is improved in all aspects, perfectly meeting the needs of individual customers. Its reliability and operational accuracy are, of course, primarily the result of using a high-end electrochemical sensor. It allows you to carry out tests up to four parts per milliliter with an accuracy of 0.10‰. We don't have to worry about the presence of substances other than alcohol in the exhaled air affecting the test result. The Alcofind Pro X3 breathalyzer is also very easy to use and quick to set up for testing and has an easy-to-read LCD screen. The low weight and small dimensions of the case mean that it can accompany us everywhere and protect us, for example, from sitting at the wheel at the wrong moment.


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