Petoneer smart game ball for pets

Petoneer Smartball is a modern entertainment for your pet. The ball with the engine, the red bulb and the catnip container guarantees the constant interest of your cat. The toy can be conveniently charged with micro USB, and the 320 mAh battery guarantees a long working time. The ball also has an advanced chip, which is responsible for the constant change in the direction of movements, the stimulation of your pet and the great entertainment.

The ball is equipped with an incredibly accurate motion sensor. All you have to do is shake it to turn it on or off. As a result, its operation is fabulously simple and fast. Just shake the toy, put it on the floor and watch your cat chasing it, having fun.

A special microprocessor allows the toy to move to standby mode after 5 minutes inaction. This along with a powerful battery guarantees a long life. It reaches up to 5 hours. This is great entertainment for your cat! The illuminated indicator lamp informs about the status of the battery.

Integrated, the LED light is much safer for the eye -harmless LEDs than the standard laser toys. This allows you to attract the attention of your pet very quickly and encourage them to act actively. The surprises do not end there! The integrated catnip container allows the ball to put a small amount of catnip to make your pet even more interested. Smartball is running a cat's nose and vision!

The product design combines interesting styles and functionality. The device has a Micro USB input, a hidden button that prevents accidental toy off, as well as a DC motor, which, despite its low size, provides high performance. The ball is also extraordinarily cute - the cat's paw pattern is not doubted as to what it is for!


main features

  • Manufacturer: Petoneer
  • Model: PBL010
  • Battery: Lipo 320 mAh
  • Acting time: about 5 hours
  • loading outlet: Micro USB
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 94 g
  • Diameter: 71 mm

Package Content:

  • 1 * smart game ball
  • 1 * USB cord
  • 24 month.
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Petoneer smart game ball for pets


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