• Manufacturer: Soocas
  • Color: Blue | Pink (optional)
  • Size: 18.5 x 85.7 mm
  • Compatibility: x5 / x3 / x3u / v1

Soocas X3PRO / X3U / V1 Brush Heads

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  • 1 * Soocas X3PRO / X3U / V1 Brush Heads
  • 24 month.
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Soocas X3PRO / X3U / V1 Brush Heads

High quality

Dupont tips bristles deeply cleanse, penetrate well between teeth and soften. You can't worry about food residues, plaque or germs, they do not irritate the gums and are safe for enamel. The product meets the product standards approved by FDA certificate. Sococas ensures effective control of contamination and penetration into difficult -to -reach areas, thus fully concerned with his teeth.

For better care of your teeth, doctors recommend changing the tip of a toothbrush every three months. You can get a set of changed dental care tips based on these tips.

Color: Pink

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