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  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: Xiaomi Flower Care ™ Smart Monitor
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  • Connections: Bluetooth

Even without a green thumb gardening becomes fun The Xiaomi HHCC Flower Plant Sensor Touch is equipped with 4 EC sensors made of stainless steel, which detect nutrients in the soil and convert them into readable values so you can keep an eye on the status of the plant. This sensor indicates the status of the plant by means of its indicator colours. If the sensor blinks blue, this means for example that the plant has too little water. Yellow means the fertility level is too low and pink means there is too much nutrient in the soil. The sensor is also suitable for hydroponic plants. In addition, the device is IPX5 waterproof for ultimate protection and a long life guarantee. The Xiaomi HHCC Flower Plant Sensor Touch is small in size and lasts for over 1 year with just one CR2032 battery. Equipped with sensors that accurately record the humidity and fertility Sensor is also suitable for hydroponic plants Protection against water thanks to the IP5 water resistance rating Battery life of at least one year with the CR2032 battery

Xiaomi Flower Care ™ Smart Monitor smart plant tracking device

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  • 1 * Xiaomi Flower Care ™ Smart Monitor
  • 1 * Battery
  • 24 month.
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copy of Xiaomi Mi Flower Care™ Touch Sensor plant sensor

Xiaomi Mi Flower Care Touch Sensor

Give your plants the best care There are many different plants, all with different needs. With Xiaomi Flower Plant Sensor Touch you can give your plants exactly the care they need. The Flower Care is equipped with various sensors that effortlessly register and monitor humidity and fertility. This makes it easier for you to give your plants the best care they need. Each flower and plant has different needs in terms of fertility and moisture. The Xiaomi HHCC Flower Plant Sensor Touch tells you exactly whether the current soil moisture and soil fertility is suitable for the plants. If you want to see more data like lighting and temperature, combined with an app with historical data, then the extended Xiaomi Mi Flower Care Plant Sensor is a better option. 

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