Terms of product return and warranty


You can always return the purchased item if you change your mind and we will accept it within 14 days of purchase and refund the entire amount paid.


Return conditions


• The product can be returned within 14 calendar days of its purchase, upon presentation of the invoice.

• When returning a product, a request must be submitted, specifying the detailed order information: order number, date, product, price, delivery date. The account for the refund must be indicated in the request.

• The returned item must be in its original packaging, unused, undamaged, with all accessories (instructions, wires, cables, etc.) and gifts, if any.

• The product must be returned to the address: Danes st. 47, LT-92108 Klaipeda UAB "Vilkaz". Return shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

• Money can be returned only to the account from which the payment was made

• If discounts were applied at the time of purchase, they are canceled in the case of a return.


IMPORTANT: The bus parcel service or Lithuanian Post does not deliver parcels to the final addressee, so it is mandatory to return the goods through a courier service or deliver them yourself.


List of non-returnable goods and services


• Broken, damaged, scratched or otherwise mechanically damaged goods due to the customer's fault;

• Software, media with video and audio recordings, games (if factory packaging is damaged);

• Microphones, headphones and other wearable devices;

• Delivery, installation, connection, rental and other services. The product is manufactured or ordered according to the customer's individual needs. Goods with a limited shelf life (food, drinks, batteries);

• Devices whose use is limited by certain parameters, one-time licenses, etc. (e.g. professional cameras, navigation systems, etc.);

• Gift cards;

• Printer cartridges (if the factory packaging is damaged);

• Face, body, teeth, hair, health care products and other hygiene products, audio and video equipment, computers, telephones, cameras, video cameras, measuring devices, prepaid phone cards.

The rules apply to returns


• The product return guarantee is provided when purchasing in the online store www.mimarket.lt

• All goods purchased in the www.mimarket.lt electronic store can be returned within 14 days of purchase, except for the goods specified in the list of non-returnable goods and services.

• The product to be returned must be unused, fully assembled and in its original packaging.

• Goods can be returned by natural persons. The refund guarantee does not apply to legal entities.

• Refunds will not be given if the item is in non-original packaging, without components (not a complete set, e.g. no charger, cables, tips, etc.), mechanically damaged, fully or partially non-functional or otherwise damaged.

• Return of the product is possible only after fulfilling the specified conditions.

Warranty and non-warranty repair


• All warranty conditions apply in accordance with laws protecting consumer rights.

• Before starting to use the product, it is necessary to carefully read its warranty terms and instructions, as well as to keep the purchase document of the product throughout the warranty period.

• The product for warranty repair must be delivered to the address: Danes st. 47, LT-92108 Klaipeda UAB "Vilkaz"




All electronic goods sold at www.mimarket.lt are intended for the European market, therefore all goods are subject to the warranty terms and requirements set by the manufacturers. According to European Union directives, a minimum of 24 months is applied to all goods, warranty period for individuals.

Certain goods are provided with a manufacturer's warranty, the terms and other conditions of which are indicated in the descriptions of such goods and detailed in the warranty card of the manufacturer of the goods. The manufacturer's warranty is valid for 24 months for individuals and 12 months for legal entities.


Additional warranty conditions:


• Software is not covered by warranty.

• When submitting the product for warranty repair, it is sufficient to have the purchase document;

• The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to parts that wear out naturally or in case of mechanical damage.

• Laptops, e-mail batteries for scooters and scooters, due to their natural wear and tear, have a 6-month warranty.

• For goods that have already been repaired or replaced, the warranty conditions are valid for the remainder of the warranty period, from the original date.


Warranty repair rules


• When submitting the product for warranty repair, it is sufficient to have the purchase document;

• The device must be delivered in a safe transport package. If the device is delivered without packaging, the seller is not responsible for mechanical damage that occurred during the transportation of the device.

• The device or its parts are accepted by the seller by signing the act of acceptance-handover. One copy of the act. delivered to the customer.

• The product cannot be returned without a document (handover-acceptance certificate). In case of loss of the act of transfer-acceptance, a document confirming the identity of the person must be submitted.

• During the warranty period, malfunctions caused by the fault of the manufacturer are repaired by the manufacturer's authorized service (specified in the warranty booklet) within 7-14 days. from handing over the device to an authorized service center or within 30 days if the part needs to be brought from abroad.

• The device is replaced or the money is refunded in the event that the malfunctions that occurred during operation during the warranty period cannot be eliminated.

• The seller is not responsible for the information contained in the defective data storage or media. It is advisable to keep copies of such reference material at all times.

• When picking up the product, it is necessary to check whether the entire set of the device brought for repair is returned. Claims are not accepted due to the set-up.

• When submitting a mobile phone for repair, it is recommended to save the information in the memory on a SIM card or another device.

• Technical maintenance (replacement of batteries, other parts) is performed for a fixed fee at any manufacturer's authorized service center at the customer's request.

• If after repairing the product and notifying the customer, the product is not collected, after 30 days after the completion of the repair, the seller has the right to store the goods no longer.


Warranty obligations are terminated:


• If malfunctions are caused by natural disasters (lightning, flood, earthquake, fire), improper operating conditions, user intent or negligence.

• If malfunctions occurred due to illegal, inappropriate voltage sources, electrical network malfunctions.

• If malfunctions occurred due to the entry of foreign objects into the interior of the device: sand, liquid (corrosion, oxidation), food, insects, etc., without following the rules for using the device, provided in the device manual.

• If malfunctions occurred when the device was dropped, bumped, or transported by the customer himself.

• If the malfunctions were repaired by a service employee/person not authorized by the manufacturer.


Warranty obligations do not apply:


• If the device has been deliberately damaged, disassembled.

• If the device is damaged due to the installation of illegal programs, decommissioning.

• If the device is broken or malfunctioning due to virus programs.

• If the device is damaged by using consumables, accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

• If the optical disc recorder has failed due to the media used in it being broken.

• For software provided with the device for which license agreements are provided for the end user.

• The number of continuously glowing or dark dots allowed in liquid crystal (LCD) displays is defined in the specifications provided by the manufacturer. If the number of such dots does not exceed the norms of dark dots set by the screen manufacturer, their presence on LCD screens is not considered a fault or defect.

• If the device was used without following the instructions for use and the rules provided in the warranty card.


Non-warranty repair


• The device must be delivered to: Danes st. 47, LT-92108 Klaipeda UAB "Vilkaz"

• If a device malfunction is detected, a diagnostic fee of EUR 10 is charged, which is included in the repair price.

• If it is determined during the diagnostics that it is necessary to replace the spare parts of the device, but the customer refuses the repair, in this case the money paid for the diagnostics will not be returned.

• If, after the diagnostics, it is determined that spare parts/parts are not supplied for the device (they are not available on the market), the money paid for the diagnostics will be returned.